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EMINOX is the sole Business Associate in India for SAACKE GmbH burner Systems. With our broad product range and international contacts, EMINOX has the flexibility to provide equipment for virtually any application requiring process heat. Standard burner sizes are available for applications ranging from 15 kW to 56 000 kW, although larger sizes are available on request.

What we do :

EMINOX Private Limited is a Process Engineering company specializing in Industrial Combustion and Plant automation. We provide a wide variety of combustion systems and products, undertaking projects globally for Original Equipment Manufacturers, Consulting Engineers and end users. Whether it be new equipment, upgrading of existing plant, or fuel conversions, EMINOX can provide gas, oil, particle fuel or multiple fuel combustion systems which reduce energy consumption and increase productivity. We are also able to offer engineered solutions, individually designed to client requirements when no off the shelf solution is available. Depending on client requirements, the scope of EMINOX’s involvement can range from basic burner sizing and supply through to total project management including consultancy, design, supply of all ancillaries, process control systems, refractories, installation and commissioning. In particular, EMINOX has substantial experience and expertise in the design and supply of combustion systems and equipment for the Chemical, Refineries, Waste incineration, FMCG, metal and steel industries.

EMINOX is authorized channel partner of BOSCH Energy and Building Solutions and we provides Energy Efficiency customized Solutions for Industries and Applications.

  • Integrated Heating and Cooling Solution
  • HVAC Efficiency Improvement Solution
  • Steam Distribution Optimization
  • Waste Heat Recovery Solution

Industrial Sectors

Energy and heat suppliers
Building Materials
Waste incineration (Waste to Energy)
Steel and Metal production
Wood processing
Standard ships and offshore plants
Sulphur Combustion
Exhaust gas cleaning
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EMINOX providing the fast and effective solution for Combustion Systems and takes great pride in its reputation for outstanding customer service.

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